Two New Columns

October 8th, 2007

Mama, Phd editors Caroline and Elrena both have new columns up on Literary Mama today!

In Mama at the Movies ~ Shut Up and Sing, Caroline writes:

I am a mother who hates war and violence, and loves movies and music. Shut Up and Sing (Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck, 2006) gives me a lot of what I care about in a film. It’s no date-night romance, true, but this documentary, which details the impact of Natalie Maines’ anti-war remark on the Dixie Chicks’ music, their families, and our culture, has me singing its praises.

And in Me and My House ~ Cradle Christian, Elrena writes:

I don’t understand why I am sitting here, a Christian and a feminist…allowing a man in clerical garb to rebuke my young daughter. My spirituality is twined with flesh, with bodies that bleed and birth and nurse their young. That is the high calling of motherhood: a demand that we learn to negotiate the spirit world while remaining firmly rooted in our earthly humanity.

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