The MotherTalk Blog Tour!

August 20th, 2008

We’re thrilled to announce that the MotherTalk blog tour for Mama, PhD has begun with a great post from blue milk:

Mama PhD is not just a shoulder to cry on for readers grappling with what they may have thought were unique troubles in juggling academia and motherhood, it is also a call to arms for women and men in academia to make change happen, to make academia a place consistent with the lives of both men and women. Evans and Grant, the editors of the book, understand that there is a power in speaking out, that when women hear many other women are struggling in exactly the same fashion we suddenly see our experiences not as personal incompetence but as a larger injustice.”

Today, Compost Happens (I have to say, I am loving the blog names almost as much as the reviews) weighed in with this:

“I hope that Mama, PhD will spread the word through the bastions of higher education: policies that marginalize women also marginalize our children, our future, and our present. The glass ceiling is cracking in the business world; the marble ceiling has shattered, but gender equity hasn’t cracked the ivory tower yet.”

Twenty bloggers will review the book over the next two weeks; you can check for updates here at MotherTalk.

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