Writing about Reading, from Rebecca Steinitz

February 17th, 2010

I was so happy when, a couple months ago, Mama, PhD contributor Rebecca Steinitz pitched a column to Literary Mama; every installment of How Does My Bookshelf Grow? has given me new book ideas and new ways to think about the books I’ve already read. This month might be my favorite installment yet, with its smart and thoughtful consideration of public and private reading. Here’s an excerpt:

“I read New York Times book reporter Motoko Rich’s recent Week in Review article, “The Book Club With Just One Member,” with mixed feelings. I’ve never joined a book club; as a graduate student in English, then an English professor, now a reviewer, they always seemed a little too coals-to-Newcastleish for me. Nevertheless, Rich’s apparent disdain for the current status of reading as “a relentlessly social pursuit” rubbed me the wrong way.”

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